The 3 Latest Reasons to Get Excited About St. Louis Startups

There have been a whole lot of exciting announcements recently in the St. Louis startup scene.

First there’s the Regional Enterpreneurship Initiative, supported by a number of local public and private organizations, intended to invest a total of $100 million into the local startup ecosystem over the next five years. Techli reports:

“A year ago, I asked what we needed to provide the best environment to help our best startups grow,” said St. Louis County Executive Charlie A. Dooley. “The answer came back with a resounding, ‘Get them more money.’  So, today, we are saying we need the money, and we are putting an aggressive plan in place to raise that capital.  This guarantees the best new companies will stay in St. Louis and thrive for years to come.”

slide-1-638This comes just days after the St. Louis Tech Startup Report was published by ITEN, highlighting the current strength of the St. Louis startup ecosystem. We’re already doing pretty well, according to the report, and hopefully the REI will only cause the St. Louis startup scene to get bigger and better.

And proving there’s a cool new St. Louis startup launching every day, just yesterday we saw the launch of St. Louis startup Muzio, a social media curation app that “allows users to organize photos, videos, audio clips, notes and quotes in a simple and elegant package.”

Co-founders Reshma Chamberlin and Elizabeth Buchanan were featured in the St. Louis Business Journal.



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