Online course: Exploring leadership
An online video course created in Adobe Captivate, with video edited in Adobe Premiere.

Presentation: How to use case studies in your B2B content marketing
Case studies — extended customer testimonials and success stories — are a key piece of your content marketing strategy. Once you’ve invested in creating a case study, you can use it to reach both current and new customers.

Whitepaper: 3 strategies for increasing mobile commerce profitability this year
The gap between mobile traffic and mobile sales may look like a lack of mobile conversions. But mobile, desktop, and brick-and-mortar aren’t three different sections of your business—they are three different but interrelated aspects of a unified customer experience.

eBook: Slow Mobile Apps Ruin Everything
When mobile users have a poor experience using your app, the consequences can often be devastating. Here’s why.

Blog: How To Pick The Best Product Identification Solution
Step one of a manufacturer’s game plan for packaging compliance is to understand your manufacturing code and print application requirements, in order to pick the product identification solution that is best for your needs.

Blog: How Push-Mode Piezo Print Technology Saves Significant Costs In Packaging Compliance
Every package printed with a noncompliant mark is a package you can’t ship, costing your company time and money. Improving print technology can help improve packaging compliance. Diagraph’s industrial inkjet printing technology was built specifically to improve print quality and production line uptime for manufacturing environments.

Case study: From Pain to Profit: Wire Management and Installation
Traditional heavy wire reels were a significant pain point for Two Rivers Electric, which spent a lot of time managing, handling and pulling wire on the jobsite. Without access to a forklift, just moving the wire around required six or more workers, creating a safety issue and a significant time suck on staff. Two Rivers needed a better way to move wire and make installation as fast and painless as possible. That’s where Graybar came in.
“Wire pulls used to take 3 to 4 hours. Now they take 35 minutes.”

Case study: Radio Station Estimates 65% Energy Savings with Switch to LED Lighting
At their 28,000-square-foot facility, KXRB/KKLS had 225 fluorescent light fixtures that needed replacing. Using a phased approach, the radio station planned to update one floor at a time. However, the lighting in the station’s training room was starting to cause problems.

Case study: New LED Lighting System Boosts Employee Productivity and Satisfaction for Telecom Manufacturer Allen Tel
Allen Tel Products is a data communications manufacturer based in Henderson, Nevada. Since its founding in 1952, the company has designed and produced a variety of telephone and data communications products, from data center connectivity to the phones used in Major League Baseball dugouts.

Case study: Property Management Company Cuts Costs by 75% with LED Lighting
LPM Property Management, based in Sioux Falls, SD manages a number of commercial and residential properties throughout the city, including both older buildings and new developments built by its parent company, Legacy Developments. In July of 2017, LPM moved offices into an older building with lots of impressive architecture and great character. However, with that character came trade-offs.

Blog: How this backpacker turned freelance work into a 20-person-strong branding agency
Serendipity had a hand in the birth of China-based branding agency Thread Design. Its co-founder, Ben Weldon, didn’t even imagine he’d end up staying in China and heading a design agency almost a decade after he first set foot in the country as a curious backpacker. When it came time to choose a CRM, however, Weldon left nothing to chance. After exhaustive research, he found WORK[etc] and hasn’t looked back since.

Blog: How This IT Firm Grew 300% (And How You Can Too)
4Solutions, an IT company that specializes in electronic data interchange, had been using WORK[etc]’s extensive CRM module even before their new marketing manager, Rhonda Harling, came on board. When she looked through the system, however, she just knew that it could be used to do so much more than keep track of contacts.

Blog: How a business owner transformed the small business he HAD into the one he WANTED
With using separate apps for client tracking, new projects, technical support tickets, invoicing, and internal administration, iLifeStyle was suffering from miscommunication and lost time. Founder and Chief Expert Ryan Powell knew there had to be a better way to run his business — and he was right.

Blog: Can you automate 12 months of events in your CRM? This firm can.
This corporate training company used to struggle with coordinating data through their old CRM. Mapping out their events calendar was hard and, at times, impossible. When they switched to WORK[etc], they were able to automate an entire year’s worth of events in just one month.

Case study: Solving Your Telecom Headaches with Telapprise

Jensen Precast had separate phone systems at each of their 13 locations, as well as a slow, outdated data network. They needed a centralized phone system for all of their internal and external communications needs, as well as a number of other telecom solutions.

Case study: Finding Your Best Telecom Solution

Macerich wanted to find a new WAN provider, using a formal RFP process, to negotiate better contract terms. Telapprise was selected to help assess telecom companies to see which one would provide the solution best suited to Macerich’s needs.