The August 2012 St. Louis Game Jam: Let the Games Begin

Another third of the year, another game jam. Woo!

We kicked off with our new and improved team sorting method — the programmers divide up by language, then they grab the artists, then teams recruit designers so teams are balanced by skill.

Once again, we were short on audio/sound people, so the three guys with that skillset grabbed a corner, dubbed themselves “The Sound Department” and set up a workflow and went around to all the teams to find out what sounds and music they would need.

I’m on a team doing a geocaching location-based text and image game built on Whereigo, for smartphones. We are still hashing out the “spine” of the game, but when that’s ready, I will be writing a LOT of descriptions — characters, items, locations and actions.

I’m super pleased to see that way more fellow ladies showed up for this game jam as compared to previous game jams. More ladies in game development and tech, always a good thing.

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