Another one bites the dust

The Sci Fi Lounge at Crestwood ArtSpace is officially closed forever.

Yet another fantastic venue here in town is gone. I hosted my monthly comics meetup, C4: Comic Creators Coffee Club, here for about a year. We loved meeting here, the fantastic ambience, the way owner Coyote went out of his way to welcome us. Not to mention that he joined us as well, since he’s a comic artist himself.

I will miss you, Sci Fi Lounge. You introduced me to the weird, can’t tear your eyes away from it, Indian sci-fi epic movie, Robot. I could always wander in on a Friday or Saturday night, and be assured of something fun and interesting to do — a D&D night, themed movie night, a performance by local bands, Draw Club with sci-fi themed models, the list goes on.

Owner Coyote has said he’s not planning to reopen in a new location. I can’t blame him, he’s not going to find rent as cheap as ArtSpace was offering anywhere else. I only hope in a few years, he might change his mind.

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