Social Media Day

Had a great time on Wednesday at Social Media Club St. Louis’ Social Media Day. I took the MetroLink into town, got off at 8th and Pine, then walked around Citygarden for a bit. A bunch of kids were swimming in the waterfall pool and I wished I could join in.

The meetup was at Gio’s Ristorante and it was massive. At least a hundred people, but probably way more. I don’t know if anyone’s released any numbers yet. But I saw a bunch of people I know — @RossPR, @Jen_L_N, @NickGilham, @ShemTovC, @timotab, @SuntiDesigns, and I am probably forgetting a bunch of Twitter handles. (Comment and I’ll edit the post).

A highlight of the evening was when @NickGilham and @timotab demonstrated to @SuntiDesigns and I how to do a bump with their iPhones. Easy, simple, yet so cool in that “shiny new toy” way. I’m hoping to get a bump-capable phone next time I upgrade.

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