Why I Need An iPhone

Last weekend I stopped off at the CWE Taste and Art Fair to visit my friend Sam at her booth for Sunti Designs. I parked on Walton at McPherson, and started walking to Euclid. I passed this guy:

The Pi Truck was just parked McPherson, and no one was inside or around it. It has a Twitter handle painted on the side. There was also a painted announcement that PiTruck accepts credit cards via Square, which is a device that I’ve talked about before.

I walked down Euclid and checked out the various booths, and stopped to chat with Sam. We got word that rain was coming in, so I said my goodbyes and headed back to my car. I walked past the PiTruck again, at about 4:45 pm and figured I would check out @PiTruckSTL when I got home, which I did.

“‘ChefBaltes’ will be serving your free pi tonight! See you on McPherson b/w Euclid and Walton at 5:30pm. 4:55 PM Jun 11th”


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