Arch Reactor!

This weekend is the open house at local hackerspace Arch Reactor, a “space in st. louis for artistic, technical and educational pursuits.”

I’m really excited that St. Louis has a group like this. I’m a big fan of collaborative workspaces, and while coworking hasn’t quite taken off here, this hackerspace, while definitely a different concept, addresses some of the same needs — for solo creatives to have a space to interact with each other.

A bonus is that Arch Reactor has space in the fantastic Jefferson Underground building, at the intersection of Jefferson and Gravois. I had the privilege of attending my friends’ ten-year anniversary party at this venue last year. The space on the top floor where the party was held is amazing — indoor seating for food, and an outdoor chimney/fireplace, dancefloor, dj booth, bandstand and tiki bar.

And to get there, an elevator operator takes you up in a car elevator. I can’t wait to check out Arch Reactor’s space.

Look for a follow up post.

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