Take Credit Card Payments With Your iPhone

I love living in the future. Anyone who sells at ren faires, outdoor festivals, sci-fi conventions, take note: you can turn an iPhone, iPad or Android phone into a credit card reader with the Square Card Reader: https://squareup.com/features. Seriously, how cool is that?

Someone on my Facebook pointed out that using an iPhone doesn’t exactly scream Middle Ages. My response: “Hey, they’ve already got signs up at Ren Faires that say ‘Accepting Lord Mastercard, Lady Visa, and New World Express.’ The iPhone at least has a much smaller footprint than those clunky credit card hand scanners. And let’s face it, the types of geeks who sell stuff at Ren Faire are exactly the types of geeks who buy iPhones and Androids.”

I’m wondering how cost effective it would be for a solo creative like myself. I’ll probably check it out in the next few months.

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